Program 23 – Tears & Fears


Shorts Program

Tears & Fears
Tuesday, October 11 8:30 PM LITTLE THEATRE 1


Australia / 2016 / 8 min. | Directed by: Joshua Longhurst

It is the summer of 1993. Awkward and introverted teenager Dale has been dragged along by his parents to a caravan park. One night as he finishes up in the shower block, Dale’s secret crush arrives.


Netherlands / 2015 / 12 min. | Directed by: Niels Bourgonje

(In Dutch with English subtitles)
When a young man is asked by his ex lover to support him during an HIV test, he sees an opportunity to find out if there’s still a chance for reconciliation.

Thanks for Dancing

Norway / 2016 / 19 min. | Directed by: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken

(In Norwegian with English subtitles)
A lifelong relationship is coming to an end, as we follow two elderly men and former athletes during perhaps the last winter they spend together.

Alzheimer's: A Love Story

USA / 2015 / 17 min. | Directed by: Gabe Schimmel, Monica Petruzzelli, Riani Singgih, Amanda Le

Greg and Michael struggle with a disease that is actively eradicating the memory of their relationship 40+ years in the making.

The Culprit

Germany/Austria / 2015 / 3 min. | Directed by: Michael Rittmannsberger

(In Arabic with English subtitles)
When a young man is accused of a crime, his prideful confession, bearing no trace of regrets, resonates in the face of injustice.

Photo Op

USA / 2015 / 10 min. | Directed by: Dave Solomon

A lonely Brooklyn photographer musters the courage to come out from behind his camera to approach his crush. But there is more to the picture than meets the eye.

Tonight It's You

Canada / 2016 / 16 min. | Directed by: Dominic Haxton

CJ ventures out for a late night hook up when things take a dark turn, leading him into something much more sinister than he could ever imagine.


Canada / 2016 / 15 min. | Directed by: Blake Mawson

(In Russian with English subtitles)
Set one evening in present-day Moscow, 16 year-old Pyotr is baited by an ultranationalist group known for their violent abductions and attacks bolstered by Russia’s LGBT propaganda law. But Pyotr has a dangerous secret his attackers could never have accounted for.