Program 16 – Me, Myself And Her


Narrative Feature

Me, Myself And Her (Io e Lei)
Sunday, October 9 5:45 PM LITTLE THEATRE 2

Italy / 2015 / 102 min. | Directed by: Maria Sole Tognazzi

In Italian with English subtitles

In a story of love, betrayal, and finding one’s self, director Maria Sole Tognazzi (Past Perfect, Portrait of My Father) beefs up a rather well-used theme with superb dialog, strong character chemistry, and a delightful dose of believable banter and humorous situations, while never going over the top.

Frederika, played by seven-time Donatello Award winner Margherita Buy (His Secret Life, Marriage and Other Disasters), a divorced, bisexual mother, and successful architect who has been in a wonderful relationship for the past five years with Marina, (Sabina Ferelli, The Great Beauty) a former actress turned esteemed restaurateur. Nearing mid life, and successful in their careers, they share their townhouse and what appears to be a comfortable and affectionate partnership. At home they cuddle on the couch watching their shows, banter over the cat sleeping on or off the furniture, and display a joie de vivre silliness that rounds out their appeal as a couple.

The fly in the ointment is their totally differing approach to being publicly open regarding their relationship. Frederika remains self-conscious and struggles with some internal discomfort, worrying at times that they have troubled or damaged her son. Marina, on the other hand, is fully out and comfortable about being a lesbian. Though some predictable drama over this ensues, it is hardly without its complexities: betrayal is always a messy deal.

While the film tackles some uncomfortable issues, it is a well-balanced medley of comfortable love, harsh emotion, honest joy, playfulness, and reflection that is authentic and relatable. For her second feature film, Tognazzi (daughter of Ugo Tognazzi of La Cage aux Folles fame) serves up Italy’s first romantic dramedy featuring a lesbian couple. Me, Myself and Her is sure to be a crowd pleaser and an award winner on the festival circuit.

— Jennifer Morgan


Winner: BEST ORIGINAL STORY Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
Official Selection: Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival
Official Selection: MiFo LGBT Film Festival (Miami)
Official Selection: Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival


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